Marol is an advanced engineering and technology company, specializing in hydraulic and electronic controls for the marine industry. Since its’ founding in 1938 Marol has been an innovator of precision components and hydraulic control technologies, building on their expertise to develop the most advanced marine steering systems and control mechanisms. From small pleasure craft to large ocean going vessels, Marol Marine is the recognized leader in the field; setting the highest standards of performance and durability.

H-600 -- Maunal Hydraulic Helm Pumps
The H-600 Series has been developed with a focus on customer's satisfaction during actual use such as steering sensitivity, smoothness, durability and reliability.
Rigid Shaft Construction
Dust Seal
Smart New Design
Solid Plunger

Balanced Piston

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C-Steer -- Power-Assist Steering System
World’s first after-market computer controlled power-assist system compatible with manual hydraulic steering systems
Compact, single-unit device for easy installation in existing and new installation steering systems
Operates efficiently - Operates only when needed for low energy consumption

Ideal for installation on outboard-engine powered boats

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