1938 Company established as the Machinery & Engineering Division of the Usagida Chemical Industries.
1950s Began manufacture and sale of Marol hydraulic remote control devices.
1960s Hydraulic remote control products for large marine vessels have huge success. With no competitive products on the market, Marol creates new category for the large marine vessel industry. Current Marol brand is launched.
1970s Developed industrial hydraulic manipulators, taking advantage of hydraulic technology’s favorable characteristics including power, reliability, remote controllability, and durability in harsh environmental conditions.

Developed and marketed hydraulic steering systems for recreational and other small boats.

With advances in electronic control technology in the late 1970s, developed methods to integrate electronic controls with hydraulic technology for improved controllability.
- Integrated hydraulic manipulators and electronic controls to develop industrial robots.
- Developed autopilot, and remote engine control systems for the hydraulic steering market. Created comprehensive line of marine steering systems.
1980s From the 1980s, Marol has maintained its position as market leader among steering equipment manufacturers for the Japanese commercial fishing fleet. Currently, more than 50% of Japanese fishing and work boats are equipped with Marol Marine products.
1990s Phased out the industrial hydraulic manipulator division to specialize in the areas of hydraulic remote control systems for large vessels and steering systems for smaller vessels.
2000s Entered into the U.S. market.
Founded: 1988 (Originally established in 1938 as a division of Usagida Chemical Industries, Ltd.)
President: Akihiko Usagida
Number of employees: 70
Areas of business:

Product export to the worldwide market including manual steering equipment, power-assist systems, and hydraulic engine remote controls. Marol Marine has a wide range of products, as listed below. Additional product lines will be available outside Japan in the near future.

Major line of products from Marol Marine:
A. Hydraulic Steering Systems
- Manual
- Power
- Electronic
- Power assist
B. Autopilot
C. Engine Control Systems
- Hydraulic
- Electronic
D. Hydraulic Trim Tabs
E. Bow Thruster Control Systems
F. Water Jet Control Systems