Marol introduced the first hydraulic marine steering systems in Japan, overcoming many of the limitations of cable steering systems. Marol has continued to add a full line of steering systems, and together with autopilot and engine control systems, they now offer a comprehensive line of boat control systems.

Marol began as a manufacturer of aircraft engine components and hydraulic systems, followed by the development and marketing of industrial-use hydraulic manipulators. From these beginnings, Marol integrated those technologies into remote steering devices, industrial robots and electronic control systems. The experience and knowledge gained from manufacturing machinery, using the latest technology, is reflected in equipment Marol manufactures today. This experience has positioned the company as a leader of innovative products -- such as the world’s first electronic power-assist system, C-Steer.

Marol originally developed components for commercial fishing vessels. Boat components for the fishing industry are subject to harsh weather and sea conditions on a daily basis and must remain maintenance-free for at least five years to be recognized as reliable. Today, Marol boasts a 50% market share of commercial fishing fleet steering systems in Japan, demonstrating the high quality, dependability and durability of Marol products.

Marol Marine specializes in a wide range of equipment for marine vessels, ranging from, manual, power, electronic, and power-assist hydraulic steering systems; autopilot; hydraulic and electronic engine control systems; to hydraulic trim tabs and other products. In selecting Marol Marine products, boat builders and owners are freed from piecing systems together from among various manufacturers’ equipment. Marol Marine’s products are fully integrated to ensure a total boat control system.