C-Steer -- Patented Power-Assist System
World’s first computer controlled power-assist system for manual hydraulic steering system
Compact, single-unit for easy installation on after-market and new-installation steering systems
For outboard, inboard and inboard-outboard boats
Efficient energy consumption, operates only when needed
Reduces steering effort by 20 to 80% at a moderate work loads
Computer senses necessary amount to assist the steering effort and signals pump unit for necessary amount of power-assist
Does not sacrifice feel and precision of original hydraulic steering system
Compatible with autopilots and multi-station boats

Model HES-212-NPT HES-224-NPT
Safety Valve Pressure 1000 psi 1000 psi
Capacity 170 cid 183 cid
Power Supply

DC 12V

DC 24V

Standby Current 0.2A 0.2A
Maximum Current 45A 23A
Tank Capacity 12 cid 12 cid
Weight 20.5 lb 20.5 lb